Dantai hokei


Not many may consider Taido a team sport, although training together is a key part of the art’s appeal. Team hokei is a movement set performed by five competitors at the same time, in as unison as possible.

The intensive training will forge the team a strong and united one. Competitors attempt to maintain their formation from the very beginning as coherently as possible. The movement set must remain within the limits of the area.

The ultimate aim of the team is a performance in perfect unison. The rhythm and breathing in the set can be altered. Also, additional points can be awarded for more difficult techniques not found in the original basic set, such as somersaults.

Grading in team hokei involves, amongst other things, the maintaining of the formation, simultaneousness of the techniques and creativity. Also important are the general impression and the harmony of the set. All of the referees will score the whole hokei, and individual performances within will not be scored separately. The team with the highest score wins. In a tie situation, the head judge’s points will determine the winner.

Team training adds variety to one’s regular training. It also develops team spirit amongst the various trainers.