Dantai jissen


Dantai jissen, or team sparring, is fought between two teams of five competitors each. Women may have 3-person teams. Matches are played out individually, and the team to accumulate more victories wins.

In dantai jissen the rules and scoring is similar to individual jissen, so a full point (ippon), half point (wazari) and quarter point (yuko) are available, but in addition a single match can also end in a draw, hikiwake.

A kick or a punch is worthy of ippon when it is performed from proper Taido movement, has control, lands on the opponent ’s torso and is finally followed by and immediate retraction ad return to one’s original fighting position. A perfect technique should also include a shout (kiai).

Each team has a team leader. The task of this leader is to draw up the team’s tactics, and based on this to choose the appropriate fighter for each round.

Team training adds variety to one’s regular training. Competing together truly is a part of the art’s appeal. The team to win more individual bouts wins the game.